Music and ME


One interesting thing about a gathering of people regardless of the reason they gather is the diversity of music preferences they have. 

A severe example, an eighth grade dance. Since the “clique” is the main defining developmental tool of an eighth grader the struggle to satisfy them is a challenge. I have the ability to sift through the music available (99.9% that simply should not be played at a middle school dance.  Lol,  95% of the requests by the kids will come from that 99.9%) to entertain almost all... some of the time.  I am up for the challenge.

Conversely, the Senior- senior dance was by far the most rewarding type of event.  Everyone dances (within individual physical limits) or at least toe taps, head bobs and what ever expression they can manage.  And everyone, I mean every single person smiled from ear to ear the entire time. 

Thousands of songs can’t make a party.  The average party of four hours requires only 55 to 65 songs.  Understanding the group enjoying the music and developing a few playlists totaling a couple hundreds of songs tailored to most everyone at the party is the way I prepare.  I always spend the time required to learn my audience and customer to develop and create the music required for any event.  And of course my entire library has been created with consideration of year, popularity, genre, hit lists, relevance and age limits if required. 

I bring the music to the party...

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